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LG rolls out Easy Home service for senior smartphone users in Korea

For most people, the act of getting used to how a smartphone works and feels is usually as easy as taking candy from a baby; unfortunately, the same cannot be said for older people who are likely to experience a great deal of difficulty with the smaller font and unfamiliar icons that are now considered mainstream on a smartphone. And this is where LG steps in to assist those older folks with their migration to today's technology with the use of its Easy Home service.

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For most of us, getting used to the way a smartphone is supposed to be operated is usually a walk in the park; after all, most smartphones boast a near universal style when it comes to presenting the user interface, and the fact that our eyesight has not started failing yet  means that we can easily make out even the smallest-sized fonts without having to squint too much.

However, for most senior citizens and first-time smartphone users who have grown accustomed to the way things were done back in the days of feature phones, those 'features' are very real obstacles which are actively preventing them from hopping onto the smartphone bandwagon and enjoying the benefits brought about by the rapid advancement of mobile phone technology. And this is where LG comes in with its new Easy Home software service, which is aimed at making life good for consumers who are affected by the aforementioned issues.

According to the official press release posted on LG's home page, the new Easy Home service, when installed into a compatible LG smartphone, will assist users in the UI department by providing users with a more simplified layout for the Home screen. In addition, LG claims that Easy Home will also increase the size of the icons used in the smartphone's UI by 50% more, while font sizes will be also be upscaled by as much as 30% to ensure that users with poor eyesight can see the text on the device without much difficulty.

In addition to the size tweaks, LG has also confirmed that Easy Home will redesign the icons used in the Home screen and app drawer so that they resemble their feature phone counterparts instead, ostensibly to help new users quickly acquaint themselves with the smartphone equivalents of their favorite features, as can be seen from the image above.

Easy Home is currently available for both the LG Optimus 2X (SU660) and LG Optimus Black (KU9900) smartphones, although LG claims that there are plans to bring the service over to the recently-launched LG Optimus Big (LU6800) as well. In addition, the company has revealed that it has plans to "expand the program", so it is possible that future LG-branded smartphones may also gain access to the service. Unfortunately, Easy Home is currently a Korea-only service, and LG has not commented on whether there will ever a global version of the service for consumers residing in other parts of the world. Oh well.

Source: LG Korea

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