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LG Optimus Might Get Gingerbread For Dinner After All

A couple of days ago, many Optimus owners were understandably disappointed to find out their their smartphone was essentially locked out from any firmware update to Gingerbread. Turns out that even companies get their information mixed up sometimes, and LG has since issued a statement to correct their mistake. Thanks for clearing that up promptly, LG.

Those who have been visting LG’s official Facebook page for its Android-powered Optimus smartphone might have received a rude shock when an LG staff apparently replied that the phones will not be upgradeable to the recently-released Android 2.3 firmware, aka Gingerbread.

Apparently, the poster who made the reply on behalf of LG claimed that Gingerbread came with much higher hardware requirements, and that a 1GHz processor was needed in order for Gingerbread to be successfully installed. Needless to say, this caused a small hoo-ha among owners, considering that the Optimus One had only hit retail a few months ago.

However, it appears that the poster who made that reply was making up an imaginary hardware requirement. Either that, or he or she may have mistaken the requirement with that for Windows Phone 7 (which does mandate a 1GHz processor and hardware accelerated graphics) for LG had just responded with a notice on their website about its smartphone’s upgrade path from Froyo. In a nutshell, Google had only just released Gingerbread, no public source code or compatibility documentation was available yet, and it was all just an honest mistake, as proven in the screenshot below (click on the image for larger version):

Now that the imaginary 1GHz processor requirement has been officially declared to be an honest mistake, all Optimus owners can start to breathe easy and move on with their Android experience.

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