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LG Optimus 7 – A Windows Phone 7 Review

Music & Video Hub

The Music & Video Hub lets you access to your songs, videos, podcasts and FM radio. However, to transfer your songs and videos, you would need to use the proprietary Microsoft Zune software that synchronizes the media to the phone. You can’t purchase any songs from Zune Store as the service isn’t available here, and according to Microsoft, it is because of licensing issues. But alternatively, you can rip the songs from CDs or buy the songs from SingTel AMPed.

Games Hub

If you are into gaming, then you would like the Games Hub. The Games Hub lets you log into your Xbox LIVE account, play games, read spotlight feeds, and even see your gamer’s avatar, achievements and profile. Currently, you can’t play the games on the phone with your friend who is on the Xbox console yet, but that may be possible in the near future. You can also choose to purchase full version games on the Windows Phone 7, but it requires a credit card information unlike the console whereby you purchase Microsoft points and use the points to buy the game.

Office Hub

For those who need to use office applications on the move, the Office Hub lets you access OneNote, Sharepoint, Excel, Word and Powerpoint on the phone. You can view and edit your documents, and then share or sync to your PC conveniently.

Marketplace Hub

The Marketplace Hub lets you access the wide range of free and paid apps that are developed for the Windows Phone 7, like eBay, Shazam, Bejeweled LIVE, or Netflix. Currently, the number of apps isn’t as massive as Apple’s App store or the Google’s Android Market, but it is growing as we speak.

Picture Hub

Like the name suggest, the Picture Hub is where you view the pictures and videos you took with the smartphone, and also your Facebook albums and friends’ picture updates.

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