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LG opens first technology showcase store in Marina Bay Sands

Fancy the idea of being able to take a walk down the bleeding edge of technology without having to worry about breaking the piggy bank after being 'poisoned' by the latest digital toys that have been popping up like popcorns in the recent years? Well, leave it to LG to deliver just what such consumers have been dreaming of for ages; the Korean electronics manufacturer has just announced the launch of its new technology showcase store over at the Marina Bay Sands which it claims is designed to allow the public to gain exclusive access into the technology behind LG's extensive collection of products.

For most people, the act of heading down to a computer shop and playing around with the latest electronic devices that the store has up on display may be quite the enjoyable experience. At least, that is supposed to be the case until the mood is ruined by the presence of an overeager salesperson keen to seal a deal despite being repeatedly told that the customer is not interested in making the purchase. 

However, the good news is that LG is now providing the means to allow such consumers to play around with the latest, bleeding-edge consumer electronic devices without having to worry about about the situation as described above. This is because the Korean electronics giant has just announced the launch of its first iconic technology showcase store at Marina Bay Sands in a media event held at the same venue.

Officiating the launch was LG Electronic Singapore's vice president for sales and marketing, Arthur Huang, who spoke about how the new LG LIVE @ Marina Bay Sands technology showcase store 

"LG LIVE @ Marina Bay Sands will offer consumers the most immersive store experience that will offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the LG lifestyle. On display will be a wide range of LG products ranging from the latest innovations to limited editions of our products that are not available for sale in Singapore," he said, adding that the products showcased at the store will be centered around five "experiential zones", namely Home Entertainment, Mobile Communication, Home Appliance, Built-in Home Appliance and Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions.

The showroom will also feature prototype devices which, according to LG, are unlikely to ever see the light of day on an actual retail shelf, but will be useful in giving visitors an idea of the kind of technology they may be able to expect in LG's future consumer electronics.

That being said, we figured that attempting to describe the showroom's layout in walls of text is definitely not the most effective way to do so. As such, we will let the the pictures taken at the media event do the talking:

?It might not look that big, but LG has confirmed that the entire showroom spans over 4,058 square feet.

In the mood for a movie? That can be easily arranged with LG's home theater setup, which conveniently includes a 3D projector 


Gamers can get their fix at their own dedicated corner, complete with LG's 3D Blu-ray sound bar, 3D television sets and an Xbox 360.

Want something that is NOT related to consumer electronics? Fret not; a wide range of LG-branded home appliances are also available for display.

Remember the part about LG claiming that various products which are not available for sale locally may be found in their showroom? Turns out that they were not pulling a fast one after all, what with the LG Optimus Pad and Hom-Bot making their appearances in today's media event.

Last but not least, we should point out that LG has confirmed that the products put up on display, along with their placement in the showroom will be updated and reallocated once every quarter. Therefore, don't be surprised to find out that your next visit to LG LIVE @ Marina Bay Sands features products and layouts completely different from the ones we have shown you in the photographs above.

The LG LIVE @ Marina Bay Sands showroom can be located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, B2-47/48, 10 Bayfront Avenue, where it is open to the public from 10am to 11pm on weekdays, and up till midnight on Fridays and weekends.

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