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LG launches world’s fastest color inkjet printer

How fast can your typical inkjet printer churn out colour prints on A4-sized paper? 5ppm? Or maybe even up to 25ppm at lower resolutions? Well, leave it to LG to produce a world's first with the launch of its new Machjet colour inkjet printer, which boasts the ability to deliver high-resolution, full-color A4-sized prints at speeds which are reportedly high enough to put the likes of certain laser printers to shame.

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Laife has never been better now that printer technology has advanced to a point where the last thing users will ever need to worry about on their printers is that of decent print quality. However, consumers, being the fussy people that they are, will still be able to find things to complain about, and it should be of no surprise that the printing speeds of inkjet printers are often a cause of concern for those whose needs involve high-speed inkjet printing. However, the good news is that this is due to change very soon though, thanks to LG's new inkjet printer, the Machjet LPP6010N. 

According to the official press release issued by LG, the new Machjet LPP6010N, which the company claims currently holds the honour of being the world's fastest color A4 inkjet printer, is able to attain its unheard-of printing speed due to the use of " Memjet’s ground-breaking, high-density page-wide printheads and components". LG claims that this technology allows inkjet printers to "operate twice as fast but at only half the cost to run versus traditional color office printers, on average", and that it is this technology which allows its very own Machjet LPP6010N to attain a maximum speed of 60ppm, which is well above what some laser printers can offer.

However, speed is not the only area which the Machjet LPP6010N excels at: the company has also revealed that printer is capable of delivering prints at a high resolution of 1600×800 dpi, while its "proprietary Page Straight Array (PSA) technology packs more than 70,000 ink nozzles on a single printhead". According to LG, this is 17 times dense than most typical print heads, and allows the Machjet to "deliver more than 700 million drops of ink per second on a page". In addition, the Machjet LPP6010N is also described to be an extremely energy-efficient machine which consumes no more than 32W of power when operating under normal situations, so users do not have to worry about finding some nasty surprises on their monthly electrical bills. Of course, the fact that it bears the 'N' monikker suggests that the Machjet is also network capable, although LG has neither confirmed nor denied the existance of built-in networking support for the Machjet LPP6010N.

That being said, LG has not released any details of the Machjet LPP6010N's pricing and global availability, so do check back for updates.

Source: LG

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