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LG launches a rebranded Galaxy Tab 3 on its mobile network

LG today unveiled a smart tablet called Homeboy on LG U+, the manufacturer’s mobile network in Korea. While the tablet doesn’t seem out of the ordinary from a cursory glance, it’s actually a re-branded Galaxy Tab 3.


LG’s Homeboy is categorized as a smart device, and it can connect to LG U+’s services like TV channels, video, music and e-book stores. Users can subscribe to these services for around $14 a month.

It is strange that LG is launching a device in the Korean market that is manufactured my Samsung. Both manufacturers are based out of Seoul, and have been intense rivals for over 50 years. The two conglomerates have  a combined workforce of over 200,000, so for many living in Seoul, backing one manufacturer over the other is a way of life. And it also looks like whatever one manufacturer does, the other tries to better it. LG announced its OLED TVs this year, and Samsung followed suit the same month. Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 2 to great success, and LG released the Optimus G Pro to rival it.

So, LG’s decision to sell a Samsung-manufactured tablet might actually have been done out of necessity, as it hasn’t made any tablet since the Optimus Pad. However, all that might change soon as rumors indicate that LG is working on a tablet that will be unveiled at the IFA in Berlin next month. So it should have its own tablet offering in the market by the end of the year.

Coming back to the Homeboy, LG has said that it also doubles as a security system, as leaving the unit at home will effectively make turn it into a CCTV camera, which users can monitor from their mobile devices.  The tablet will also start recording if it detects any motion and will notify users through a text message in case it detects any intruders. LG U+ executive Kang Hyun-ku mentioned during the announcement that this tablet is the first of many devices that will be included in LG’s connected home initiative.

Source: The Korea Herald


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