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LG Launches Cooking Portal To Teach You How To Create World-class Cuisines In Your Kitchen


While LG is known for mobile phones, laptops, TVs and home appliance, it seems weird that the Korean company is launching a cooking portal. Currently available in English and Korean, the portal is designed for cooking enthusiasts who are looking for make world-class cuisine at the comfort of their home kitchens.

LG has announced the launch of an online cooking portal with over 100 recipes of dishes from select countries. Packed with useful features and expert cooking tips for amateur and advanced cooks alike, the portal is designed as a guide for cooking enthusiasts in creating world-class cuisines at the comfort of their own kitchens.

“Cook As You Are” is one of the site’s innovative feature whereby a user can request recommendation by choosing specific options among six categories: Cultures, Occasions, Courses, Ingredients, Methods and Expertise. The user’s choices will be used to determine the right recipe recommendation from various cultures. Users will also be able to view recipe recommendations from renowned personalities such as Guy Martin, a three-star Michelin chef from France.

In another section of the site titled “Choose Your Kitchen”, consumers can experience many international dishes — up to 100 cultural recipes — as well as professional cooking tips and techniques from world-renowned chefs. The recipes are broken down into step-by-step details and matched with photos to make it as convenient as possible for home cooks to bring famous international dishes to their tables. The site will also offer insights on ways to maximize LG cooking appliances to improve the recipe or to make the cooking process more convenient.

Check out LG’s new cooking portal at www.lg.com/cooking. The site is currently available in English and Korean but will also be offered in German and French later this month.

Source: Korea Newswire

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