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LG G3 visits FCC, gets product page on UK website, various European price hints

The clock is ticking and LG’s glitzy formal introduction of the G3 is drawing near, which the mobile device maker keeps on hyping via a dedicated product page on a local UK website, several FCC certification stops and vague price innuendos.


Not to be overshadowed by Samsung and HTC’s (likely unintentional) buzz-building Galaxy S5 Prime and One M8 Prime campaigns, LG is pulling all the stops for its imminent G3 to remain in the spotlight.

The Koreans have no doubt been behind the visual leak extravaganza of the past few weeks, which saw the Android giant crop up in protective cases more than once until finally showcasing its bare-skinned exterior.

They also willingly teased the smartphone’s metal (or maybe faux metal) frame, and they let certain software elements slip to the press. And now the company’s British online branch lists the G3, aka D855, as “coming soon” with the sole purpose of, well, reminding us the handheld’s looming.

LG G3 gold

Otherwise put, they’re playing with us. The timing of two FCC approvals suggests that too is part of LG’s advertising scheme, especially as the models exposed by the federal agency are different than the one teased in UK.

Specifically, we’re looking at G3 versions dubbed D850 and D851, designed either for a couple of distinct US networks or one for America and the other for “international” markets. What’s set in stone is they support LTE on bands 2, 4, 5, 7 and 17 and 2, 4, 7 and 17 respectively, so technically, they could both work on AT&T. T-Mobile too. Not Verizon or Sprint though.

Measuring 146.3 mm in height, as per FCC’s blueprints, the two G3 flavors obviously sport 5.5-inch displays with uber-slim bezels. For comparison, the 5-inch HTC One M8 is in reality, borders included, 0.1 mm taller. Nice design job, LG.

LG G3 price

Last but not least, we should mention a duo of Finnish retailers may have spilled the pricing beans prematurely, hinting at outright costs of between €613 and €678 for the 16 GB G3, and €659 – €730 in a 32 GB variation.

Whoa, sounds like stateside the beast might start at as little as $650. With Snapdragon 801 power, 3 GB RAM, 13 MP OIS+ camera, Quad HD screen resolution and so on and so forth. Wouldn’t that be an affordable treat?

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