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LG G3 pictured from every angle, Quad HD display and 3 GB RAM ‘confirmed’

As May 27, the expected debut date of LG’s G3, approaches, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place one by one, making the official announcement a mere formality.

LG G3-2

It was all building up to this. The Quad HD display resolution speculation, the no-bezel theory, timetable gossip, UI leak, fingerprint hearsay, they were preparing us for something bigger. Much, much bigger. The mother of all leaks.

And now it’s here. A combo of two separate reports featuring a bunch of high-resolution device photos and a supposed confirmation of G3’s hardware details. First things first, the pics.

They show off, as anticipated, a refined G2 with subtly redesigned physical rear buttons, virtually no vertical bezels on the front and smooth curves to compliment the overall industrial feel of the handheld. No reason to doubt the legitimacy of the informal photo shoots, although the Korean images may star a G3 in a protective case of some kind.


The absence of LG branding on the posterior is a clear sign of that, as is the sickening glossiness of the purported G3. I mean, sure, the big guy is likely constructed of plastic, but it can’t be so chintzy.

Meanwhile, GSM Arena claims to have heard from a verified source about certain specs, including the 5.5-inch 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution screen and 13 MP OIS+ rear-facing camera. The 2-or-3-GB RAM controversy will supposedly be settled in an all-pleasing way, by letting users choose, with the skimpier version offering 16 GB built-in storage and the richer 32 gigs.

LG G3 rear

Both shall allow microSD expansion and shave a couple of mm off G2’s profile. At the risk of downgrading autonomy, that is, since battery capacity will remain the same old, same old: 3,000 mAh. Last but not least, the LG G3 is tipped to carry a 1W rear-mounted speaker.

Wait, so is the posterior sensor a fingerprint recognition unit or a heart rate monitor after all? And what about the on-board chip, will it be a Snapdragon 801 or 805? Guess we’ll need to wait until May 27 to find out.

Sources: GSM Arena, Phone Arena, Seeko

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