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LG G Flex allegedly confirmed for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, Verizon may get left behind

LG’s G Flex, one of two smartphones touting curved displays to go official of late, is apparently getting a much wider rollout than initially expected, being due out in Europe “by December”, as well as on at least three of America’s big four networks.


AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile may not be keen to go on record with G Flex availability details just yet, but as usual @evleaks has the early scoop and tells us the 6-incher’s launch on the trifecta of carriers is “confirmed”.

Mind you, this is not the first time the serial leaker claims to have inside information in regards to a possible G Flex US charge, however, unlike before, the equation contains no buts or ifs. Also, the first tweet pegged the bendy handheld as headed only for AT&T and Sprint, with T-Mobile reportedly getting in on the fun later.

Where does that leave Verizon? Either (unfashionably) late to the party, which wouldn’t be surprising, or out of the game entirely. Going on a hunch, I’d say the latter is more likely.

Before jumping at Big Red’s throat though, try to keep in mind that not everyone digs the G Flex. The words “experimental” and “gimmicky” have come up more than once, so all in all backing it up looks like quite the gamble. And Verizon’s not warm to risks.

Besides, chances are supplies will be limited both in Europe and stateside given the manufacturing process is considerably lengthier and trickier than with conventional handhelds. As for pricing, I wouldn’t be too shocked to see LG asking around 1,000 bucks outright. Bottom line, this thing won’t sell like hotcakes.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I think Samsung just got pwned. I mean, not only is the G Flex truly flexible (demo below), unlike the Galaxy Round, but it’s also ready to take the world by storm, unlike the Galaxy Round. Keep up the good work, LG, and you might be able to make these wins the rule rather than the exception.

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