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LG Flaunts Dreamy Signature Series Appliances

11 May 2017 – Launched to much glitz and glamour at Ion Orchard, LG’s Signature series promises unrivalled fit, finish and performance. It even showcased some new features that reinvents how we use these supposedly ‘everyday’ appliances.

LG Signature W7 OLED TV


With the new W7, you get a perfect 4K UHD picture on a flexible screen, no thicker than two dollar coins stacked together! You can have it mounted on a table-stand glass panel, or on your wall – with LG’s proprietary magnetic mounting system. Oh, and it comes with a powerful Dolby Atmos soundbar that can sing as well as it screams! Having the Signature W7 OLED TV in your living room is simplicity and elegance – redefined.



LG Signature Refrigerator

That’s right, this is an energy-efficient fridge deserving of LG’s prestigious Signature label. It does more than just keep your groceries nice and frosty. Want to see how many bottles of booze you have left? There’s a semi-opaque glass screen on the right door. Knuckle it twice and it turns transparent – so that you can see into the fridge without actually opening it!

Fancy an ‘Open Sesame’ moment? There’s an IR sensor beneath the fridge that detects your foot, then swings the door open for you! Handy if you’re lugging groceries to the refrigerator with both hands. Finally, a fridge that’s both smart and sexy.

It’s also a godsend for lazy people like me. Just saying.



LG Signature Washing Machine


This isn’t just like any washing machine. If you’ve got a mixture of whites and colours, you can save time by doing two separate loads in different compartments at once. There are no physical buttons save for the ‘On/Off’ – all controls are done via a bright touch-screen located on the door of the washer.  The whole chassis is coated in a layer of enamel which gives the washer its bright sheen and retains its beauty for years. And it is beautiful indeed – check out its clean curves!

LG Signature Air Purifier

We all know that breathing polluted air is bad for us. Unfortunately for us, the air we breathe may not always be sparkling clean. (Hint: Forest-fires) But now you can cleanse your air with the elegant LG Signature Air Purifier. You may even participate in the process by watching jets of water sucking out the gook through its glass enclosure. (Like watching the rainfall through your window) It also tells you how polluted your air is by flashing four coloured lights around its neck.

The sound it makes while functioning may even be somehow… therapeutic.


These cutting-edge products from LG will stay on display at Ion Orchard Level 1 till 23rd May 2017.

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