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LG Cable SHS X-500 CPU Cooler

The cooler came in an unsuspecting blue box with “LG Cable” as
the brand. The cooler was wrapped in bubble packaging, and a manual was included,
but because this unit came directly from Korea, the manual was in Korean.

While the cooler arrived without any damage, sturdier packaging would definitely
be able to better protect the cooler during transportation, as the box was rather
easily deformed when slight pressure was applied.

The adapter for the K8 platform (Socket 754, 939, 940) was not bundled with
the sample, and presumably, it has to be purchased separately.

Upon closer inspection, the X500 resembles the well known Thermalright
XP-90 to some extent. 3 copper heatpipes are attached to the base, which is
made of nickel, and curve upwards to the fins.

A piece of metal is also attached to the middle portion of the fins and the
base, to prevent the fins from being pushed downwards and damaging the cooler.

The nickel base comes with a pre-applied thermal pad. The base was extremely
smooth, with only a trace of machining marks. A plastic cover which protects
it has to be removed before installation.

A 92mm fan is included with the cooler. The fan is held in place by a snap
on mechanism. I found it fairly easy to remove the fan and replace it with any
other 92mm fan of your choice. A disadvantage is that other sizes of fans cannot
be mounted using this mechanism. The possible problem with this mechanism was
that the clips might break while changing fans, though with sufficient caution
this should not happen easily.

The fan is of the “NoNoise” brand, and is made in Korea. It is
rated for 0.2 amperes, and uses 2 ball bearings. Considering the low amperage,
the fan should be quite silent. In the test, we shall see whether the fan lives
up to its name.

On the manufacturer’s website, it is stated that both Socket 478 as well
as 754/939 are supported. However, an adapter is required for use on the AMD
K8 platform.

It would be better if LG included additional brackets for other platforms instead
of requiring users to purchase them separately.

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