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LG Announces New L-03C Camera Phone, NTT Docomo Gets Exclusive Dibs

Just about any smartphone and feature-phone OEM can cram a camera into a phone. But for some reason, it seems that no OEM has attempted to go about producing a camera phone by reversing the method: ie, shoving a phone into an actual camera. And leave it to LG to do just that with its new L-03C camera phone.

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When it comes to the consumer electronics to today, integration is the name of the game In fact, so many of our common consumer electronics products now boast a large variety of additional features which have been built into them that one would probably wonder why the manufacturers did not decide to go for broke and integrate the kitchen sink into said electronic products as well.

In fact, one does not need to look further than the humble smartphone to see just how tightly integrated technology has become. Gone are the days where a phone was used only as a tool for making phone calls and sending text messages: today, the phone is capable of taking photographs, acting as a compass, inspecting G forces and even functioning like a flashlight, among many other features. However, while manufacturers often see the need to general-purpose devices even more versatile, the same cannot be said of the alternative of making specialized products more general-purpose in nature.

That is all set to change with LG’s new camera-phone though. While most handset OEMs are perfectly content with squeezing a camera unit into a mobile phone, not one manufacturer has attempted to perform the opposite of building a phone into a camera. And this is precisely what LG has done with its new L-03C, a smartphone which is probably the best (and only) example of what a real camera-phone should be as opposed to the phone-cameras found in today’s mobile phones.

In fact, the L-03C even appears to function more like an actual point-and-shoot digital camera instead of a smartphone. For one, it uses a distinctly camera-like form factor, which comes complete with its own dedicated button for the shutter and a contoured grip. And to top it off, the L-03C also has a Pentax lens which is capable of a 3x optical zoom and supports 720p video capture, along with WiFi connectivity.

But what about the ‘phone’ aspect of the device? Well, the L-03C is made exclusively for the Japanese market, which means that makes use of the CDMA network instead of GSM. However, its exclusive carrier NTT Docomo has stated in its website that the camera-phone is also designed to play nice with both 3G, GSM and HSPA services, so there should be minimal service disruption when using the phone under a different network standard.

Of course, the only question is that of whether it is worth the trouble to import the L-03C from Japan if you want to get your hands on the world’s first camera-phone. And for the record, no pricing for the L-03C has been revealed, but suffice to say it will not be wrong to say that this ‘phone’ is probably not going to come cheap.


 Dimensions   112 x 60 x 17.3mm (max height 22mm with lens at full zoom)  
 Weight  Approx 165g
 Standby time (3G, static automatic)  350 hours
 Standby time (GSM, static automatic)  Approx 310 hours
 Talktime (3G/GSM)  220min/250min 
 Talktime (video chat)  100min 
 Display  Approximately 3.0 inches / 800 dots 480 dots horizontal × vertical wide  VGA TFT LCD / 16,777,215 colors
 Expandability  microSD (up to 2GB) micro SDHC (up to 16GB)
 Camera function  Face CCD camera (about 12.1 million / 12 million)

Source: NTT Docomo JP

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