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Lexar unveils microSD cards with 90MB/sec speeds

Lexar plans on rolling out their new high-performance data card sets as early as February 2013. Among these, is a microSD card that has a 90MB/sec maximum data transfer speed.

Lexar has previously unveiled their new set of high-performance microSD, SD, and XQD cards. They plan on making them commercially available as early as around the end of February 2013. Many of these cards trump the fastest (possible) data transfer speeds of the other high-end products that they have released just a few months ago.

First among these products is the high-performance 600x microSD UHS-I card. The 600x means that it has a standard speed rate comparable to CD-ROM read rates (150KB/s) times 600. Thus, it has a theoretical maximum data transfer speed of 90 MB/sec. The product itself comes with a special USB 3.0 compact card reader (with dimensions at 20 x 39 x 8 mm). For the lineup, there will be a regular 16GB version at 3,600 yen (39.5 USD), a 32GB version at 5,600 yen (61.3 USD), and 64GB versions at 12,600 yen (138 USD).

Next in the line is the professional 600x SDXC UHS-I 256GB SD card. It has the same multiplying value as the microSD card line, so it also has a 90MB/sec maximum data transfer speed. The product is a direct step up from the 400x version that was previously revealed and now commercially available. The estimated retail price for this product is around 88,000 yen (963 USD). The product will come with a free download coupon of their Image Rescue 4.0 image recovery software.

Last is the professional XQD card. It would have a minimum read speed of 168MB/sec (1100x). The lineup holds a 32GB version for 39,800 yen (435 USD), and a 64GB version for 59,800 yen (654 USD). Both versions will come with USB 3.0 XQD card reader (dimensions: 89 x 54 x 13 mm, weight: 78g).

The microSD and the SD card products are scheduled for a March 2013 release, while the XQD cards will be commercially available at around April 2013.

Source: PCWatch (JP)

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