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Lepa G1600-MA 1600W PSU Review

Even though this is the most powerful power supply currently available, it is not the largest. The LEPA G1600 measures 180mm deep, which is longer than a standard ATX product but not as long as several other high performance units, many of which measure up to 230mm in length. The chassis has rounded edges and is sprayed with a grainy gunmetal grey paint, which are simple but very effective aesthetic enhancements.

Instead of using stickers, LEPA simply sprayed the model's logo on the sides of the chassis using a golden matte paint. Much more effective and professional looking than many of the low-quality stickers used on many units.

We found the sticker with the electrical specifications, approvals and quality control certifications at the top side of the power supply. This sticker will be visible in cases which have their PSU compartment below the motherboard tray and the PSU is being installed with the fan facing down.

The rear of the LEPA G1600 power supply is uninteresting. Save from a sticker with the company's logo right above the standard A/C receptacle and on/off switch, the rest of the unit is simply perforated. LEPA went with a dense honeycomb mesh design. Note that 90-110VAC units will not have an on/off switch and are using a C19 type connectors due to current limitations in residential installations.

There are fourteen connectors for the modular cables awaiting the user at the front side of this power supply. The red connectors are for the PCIe and the CPU cables, the six small connectors are for the Molex/SATA cables and the two large black connectors are for the ATX connector and CPU power cables. There is no legend on the unit itself but a detailed one may be found online, in LEPA's website.

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