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Lenovo Thinkpad X1 notebook review: Thin and flat is where it is at

Ultrathin notebooks are the dreams of every style-conscious consumer, and for good reason. Boasting extremely portable packages and designs that would make just about anybody swoon over, it would seem that there is nothing which the ultraportable notebook cannot achieve (safe for top-notch performance levels). And leave it to Lenovo to take ultraportable mobile business computing to the next level with the introduction of the ThinkPad X1 notebook, which we have put to the test in this review to see how it holds up for business users.

The distinction between consumer-grade and business-grade notebooks have blurred over the years, and for good reason. Thanks to technological advancements in computer design and hardware, most OEMs are now able to tout their consumer-grade offerings boasting nigh-equal levels of stability and robustness, while business notebooks have been given design overhauls to make them appear more sleek and sophisticated to potential business users.

However, this also has an unintended result of leaving OEMs in a quandary of sorts. If consumer notebooks, which typically offer more computing and graphical horsepower for their buck, now boast stability similar to business notebooks, logic should dictate that cost-conscious business users will attempt to maximize their dollars by opting for the former. And from the looks of it, Lenovo appears to be trying to avoid such a situation by making the business notebook relevant again, especially if the release of its new ThinkPad X1 laptop is of any indication.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 laptop PC hardware specifications
 Processor  Intel Core i5-2520M clocked at 2.5GHz (3.2GHz under TurboBoost)
 Chipset  Intel QM67 Chipset
 Graphics Card  Integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000
 Display  13.3-inch  HD Super Bright LCD screen (1366 x 768) with integrated camera 
 Operating System  Windows 7 Professional (x64 version)
 Memory  4GB DDR3 SDRAM (1 x 4GB DIMM)
 Hard Disk capacity  256GB Intel SSDSA2M160G2LE solid state drive
 Battery  4-cell built-in lithium-ion battery pack

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