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Lenovo releases transparent EL panel-totting S800 mobile phone

Mobile phones with transparent displays? Why not? After all, we have had similar devices being launched recently in order to stoke the egos of the wealthy fashion-conscious consumers capable of affording such luxuries. And the good news is that such consumers can look forward to seeing a new entry in the market for phones sporting such displays, thanks to Lenovo and its recently-released S800 mobile phone.

Let's face it; it is no longer enough for a mobile phone to be functional enough to handle all of today's mobile computing needs. In addition to that, consumers are demanding that their phones be designed to look like fashion statements in order to bring out their personal individuality and uniqueness. After all, with comments such as "my phone looks nicer than yours" flying around every so often when any discussion involving today's mobile communication devices is made, it would only make sense that manufacturers will want to one-up the competition by introducing various design elements which set their products apart from the competition. Which is exactly what Lenovo is attempting to do with its S800 mobile phone, which was announced last year and has been reportedly made available for retail in China recently.

According to a report published by a Japanese IT website known as ITmedia, the Lenovo S800 mobile phone sports a transparent, 2.4-inch organic EL display which which is capable of  a maximum resolution of 240 x 320, but allows only up to 40% of incident light to pass though the screen. Apparently, this was done to ensure some degree of user privacy, as ITmedia claims that it prevents other people from clearly seeing what is being displayed on the screen from the screen's rear.

In addition, ITmedia claims that the S800 also sports a variety of standard features such as a camera, Bluetooth connectivity and an FM tuner. Unfortunately, no information about the S800's price and hardware specifications have been made public yet, so do check back for updates.

Source: ITmedia

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