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Lenovo officially unveils 5.3-inch quad-core Android 4.2 S920

Lenovo has officially unleashed the S920, a 5.3-inch Android 4.2 handset running MediaTek’s MT6589.

The Lenovo S920 can be considered as somewhat of a Galaxy Note II competitor, but it’s definitely not a cream of the crop-type device.  Underneath the relatively thin, 7.9mm, exterior lays a quad-core MT6589 clocked at 1.2GHz along with 1GB of RAM.  While the 5.3-inch display does boast a 1280×720 resolution, a display of that size merits the full 1080p resolution.  Rounding out the specs, the handset also sports an 8MP rear camera (2MP front) and a 2250mAh battery.

MediaTek’s 28nm MT6589 is nothing to laugh at even if it’s of the “affordable” variant.  The chip is based on ARM’s Cortex A7, and with four cores running at 1.2GHz it makes the MT6589 a very respectable chip.  Paired up with a PowerVR Series 5XT GPU and a wireless onboard modem chip, and devices featuring the MT6589 is capable of supporting 1080p screens, a 13MP camera with 1080p video recording, and high mobile data transmission rates.

Lenovo chose to not take full advantage of the MT6589’s capabilities, and it’s very likely that the S920 handset will be reserved for emerging markets like China and India.  Currently, the S920 is posted on Lenovo’s Chinese website, but people can’t purchase the handset yet. 

Despite the hardware’s capabilities, it remains to be seen how well Lenovo has taken care of the OS optimization.

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