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Lenovo launches Sandy Bridge-powered PCs, brings the smarts to PC users

We all know that the hardware used to power our PCs today are getting smarter as technology advances, since they now come with various automated features which allow it to react to certain common usage situations. So what happens when an OEM takes a bunch of 'smart' hardware and assemble them together in the form of a notebook or desktop PC? Answer: you get Lenovo's latest line of "Work-and-Street Smart" PCs, all of which were launched in a media event held at the RedDot Brew House at Boat Quay today. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

With so much talk about 'smart' consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart media players and even smart television sets, it should probably be an open secret that the average consumer is in greater need of 'smart' devices that are capable of bringing the best user experience to the consumer than ever before. Gone are the days where users got a kick out of fiddling around with their electronic toys to fully customize them to their individual needs; today, the gadget is supposed to cater to an individual's needs right out of the box without the need to even touch an instruction manual, much less actually read it.

Of course, there will always exist a group of die-hard enthusiasts who will claim that they have allocated enough intelligence points to their personal statistics to forgo the new breed of 'smart' devices that are now rapidly gaining acceptance in the consumer space. However, for the average consumer who does not belong to that special group, 'smart' devices that are seemingly capable of delivering an enhanced user experience while actually looking good are definitely welcome. And this is what Lenovo is claiming to be capable of delivering with its new line of Think and Idea line of PCs that was launched today at the RedDot Brew House at Boat Quay today.

Speaking at the launch event was Lenovo's country general manager for Singapore, Lee Chown How, who described the new features that users can expect to come standard in its new line of AIOs and notebook PCs.

In his address, Lee described how the company's strategic collaboration with Intel has resulted in the company being in a position to deliver greater performance on its PCs that will result in enhanced user experiences for the consumer.

"We have worked with Intel to bundle this program known as ThinkSmart on our products. ThinkSmart will enable users, especially business users, to experience increases in productivity by bringing more efficient power management and longer battery lives on our products," he said.

In addition, Lee also spoke about how users of the new Lenovo notebook and AIO PCs can benefit from the upgraded user experience known as the Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7, which is a result of a partnership with none other than the Redmond giant responsible for delivering the operating system which is used by over 80% of the world's PC users – Microsoft.  

"Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 helps to improve many aspects of the Windows 7 operating system. For example, it can offer better power management from within the Windows operating system, and also has the ability to increase both a user's productivity and efficiency. On the consumer side, Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 can help to improve the digital audio and graphics experience when the device is used as a multimedia entertainment machine, as well as significantly shorten boot-up and shutdown times. For commercial customers, Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 delivers robust security and superior web conferencing capabilities," he added.

"Simply put, there are lots of benefits users can look forward to with the new Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0," he quipped.

And needless to say, we will definitely be looking forward to it…once we actually manage to get our hands on a review unit, of course. Until then, feel free to hit on the link to the next page to know more about the machines launched by Lenovo today.

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