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Lenovo K900 Intel Clover Trail+ smartphone to be priced at just $480?

Lenovo is rumored to launch its Intel-powered K900 smartphone in April for an extremely competitive price, but there are still no words on when or if U.S. market will officially get the device.

The K900, which was shown off at CES, is a 5.5-inch 1080p device featuring a slim, 6.9mm, profile and Intel’s Atom processor clocked at 2GHz.  Underneath the hood of the Lenovo phablet are also 2GB GB, 16GB of ROM, and a 13MP rear shooter.  Spec-wise, the K900 certainly seems like a respectable smartphone, but the main point of emphasis is that the device will probably be an exclusive to only a few markets. 

Intel is methodically making its way to emerging mobile markets, and the Lenovo K900 represents just that.  In fact, it seems like Intel is strictly targeting markets like China and Austria with its smartphone products. 

However, Intel is claiming that it’s making progress with its Atom platform in terms of pure horsepower and energy efficiency.  When and if Intel can catch up to its ARM competitors remains to be seen, but that aside, according to an unnamed Lenovo source, the K900 smartphone will be priced at just 2999 Yuan (~$480).  The Clover Trail+ Lenovo handset hasn’t been announced for the U.S. market, so we’ll see if consumers abroad will have to dig through private channels to get their hands on the somewhat exclusive Intel toy.


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