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Lenovo finally launches the ThinkPad Edge E420s, E220s coming soon

As for the E220s, well it’s set to arrive in about two weeks’ time so we don’t have full details on it as yet, but this 12.5-inch model will as mentioned above feature a ULV Core i5 or i7 CPU of some kind. It only has a single DIMM slot and as such it’s limited to 4GB of RAM. However, it too will be available with the 80GB mSATA drive as well as the option of a 2.5-inch drive.

At 1.58kg this is a very light machine even for its size and it measures 313x214x22mm (WxDxH). It gets to make to with Intel’s HD 3000 series graphics as a discrete card would add to the weight and thickness of what is intended to be an ultra-portable notebook. The E220s sports 802.11/a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, optional WiMAX, Bluetooth 3.0, the same USB port configuration as the E420s, an HDMI and D-sub port, Gigabit Ethernet, a memory card reader, a biometric security fingerprint scanner, a single headphone/mic jack and a 720p webcam. It also has a small 40.7Whr battery pack which Lenovo again says is good for up to 5.4h of usage.

Lenovo is making a big deal out of the “infinity” glass display, although it appears to have rather thick bezels, although hopefully it’s not as bad as it appears in the images, but at least there are no glossy plastic bezels to be seen. The keyboard appears to be similar to that of the previous generation of ThinkPad Edge models which is a good thing; although the trackpad is now Lenovo’s new clickpad which means that there are no physical buttons. Luckily the trackpoint is still present alongside with its buttons. The two new models also feature a soft touch finish rather than the glossy finish of the older Edge models. Finally it’s worth noting that even though these are more consumer focused machines, both models features a magnesium alloy chassis which should make them a lot more hard wearing than your average consumer notebook.

In the US the ThinkPad Edge E420s starts at $699 (S$882) which includes a Core i3-2310M processor, a single 4GB SO-DIMM and a 250GB 5,400rpm hard drive. Add $50 (S$63) and you get a Core i5-2410M processor. That price doesn’t include Bluetooth for some strange reason and Lenovo wants an extra $20 (S$25) for this on either model.

In Taiwan things are a bit more expensive, but you also get more for your money. The most basic model we’ve found so far is NT$32,900 (S$1,410) but that includes a Core i5-2410M processor, a single 4GB SO-DIMM, a 320GB 7,200rpm hard drive, the aforementioned Radeon HD 6630M graphics card and Bluetooth 3.0 as well as an Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 Wi-Fi card instead of Lenovo’s own brand Wi-Fi option. Add NT$7,000 (S$299) and you get yourself an 80GB mSATA SSD in addition to the 320GB hard drive.

As for the E220s we only know that it’s meant to start at US$899 (S$1,135), but considering that the E420s is already $100 cheaper than what it was supposed to start at, this might still change before it arrives. Overall it looks like Lenovo has come up with a couple of really interesting machines that end up blurring the lines between consumer and business notebooks. The design might still not be to everyone’s liking, but for the money we’re expecting the new ThinkPad Edge models to sell really well once they become broadly available.

Source: Lenovo, YouTube


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