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Lenovo Announces NVIDIA Optimus-capable Thinkpads

Lenovo will be celebrating the sale of their 60 millionth Thinkpad notebook this month, and the company has something planned for its loyal consumers. In addition to the usual loyalty discounts, the notebook manufacturer has also announced its intention to boost the Thinkpad T Series with NVIDIA’s Optimus switchable-graphics technology, which it claims will result in even better battery efficiency.

Being marketed to the business user, Lenovo’s Thinkpads usually come with a powerful processor paired up with a not-so-stellar Intel graphics chipset in order to help conserve battery life. However, an option to add on a dedicated graphics card is usually available for those who require that additional bit of power.

But adding a dedicated graphics card to a notebook usually comes with its own downsides, such as added heat output, cost and higher battery consumption. And while there is little that can be done regarding the heat and cost, Lenovo has managed to come up with a simple solution to address the issue of higher battery consumption: by bundling Nvidia’s Optimus technology into its notebooks.

According to Lenovo, Optimus is capable of achieving “up to 33% longer battery life over discrete-only or switchable models”. This is turn translates to almost en extra hour of battery uptime on a single charge.

However, those who are hoping for Optimus in the entire Thinkpad lineup will probably be disappointed. This is due to the fact that Lenovo has confirmed in its press release that the T-series are the only Thinkpads that will be sold with NVIDIA’s Optimus technology, and will be priced at approximately US$1,299 for the T410 and T510 and US$1,849 for the T410s.

Source: SlashGear

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