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Lenovo announces new ThinkCentre desktop PCs for businesses

Most people will probably get on fine with their office work on a simple desktop PC that comes equipped with a dual-core processor and decent amounts of RAM. However, for those who work in environments which demands that only the latest, greatest and fastest PCs be used at all times, Lenovo might just have the answer for your office computing needs. How would support for SATA3, USB 3.0 and multiple displays sound like for an office PC?

What is the average hardware configuration of a PC commonly found in an office environment? For the most part, a dual-core processor, probably up to 2GB of memory and onboard Intel graphics would probably sound a lot like a typical office PC issued to employees in order to facilitate the accomplishment of various standard tasks such as word processing, handling emails and the occasional image editing.

However, not all careers are created equal, and it goes without saying that for certain jobs, a PC with the aforementioned hardware specifications just will not cut it. And if your job requires that all employees be fitted out with nothing but the best, fastest and most powerful PCs that money can buy, you might want to start making friends with the staff at the IT department, and in the process suggest that they upgrade your PC to one of Lenovo's recently launched ThinkCentre PCs: the M91 or the M91p.

According to Lenovo, the new ThinkCentre M91 and M91p desktop PCs for businesses are available in three form factors: tower,small form factor and eco small form factor. This means that users can choose between the aforementioned form factors in order to ensure that their PCs come in sizes that maximize the amount of real estate available in an office cubicle.

In addition to offering customizable form factors, Lenovo claims that the new ThinkCentre M91 and M91p desktop PCs, being the fastest ThinkCentre PCs ever, have the capability to speed up daily tasks, due to the usage of Intel's Core i3, i5 and i7 processors (pre-Sandy Bridge), while vPro technology allows various security feature to be hard programmed into the processors themselves. Further performance boosts to the PCs come in the form of support for up to 16GB of memory, as well as the inclusion of SATA III and USB 3.0 technology, both of which are capable of data read/write speeds significantly greater than that of their predecessors. 

Those who crave expandability in the form of external storage devices will probably feel right at home with the new M91 and M91p, as both desktop PCs come standard with eight USB ports. Alternatively, users who need their PCs to come bundled with more options for upgrades can also choose to customize their machines to come with an additional hard disk, two PCI slots and an eSATA port.

Last but not least, customers will also have the option to upgrade the M91 and M91p's graphics processing capabilities by opting for a discreet graphics card which is capable of supporting up to four discreet displays, instead of using the processor's built-in GPU core 

The ThinkCentre M91 and M91p desktops (tower and small form factor) will be available on April 11 through business partners and www.lenovo.com/sg. Models for the ThinkCentre M91 and M91p desktops will start at S$1,035.

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