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Lenovo announces Edge series laptops and 1st professional-grade ultraportable laptop

ThinkPad Edge

Today, Lenovo Singapore announced their new ThinkPad Edge laptops, designed for small and medium-sized business users. The 13-inch model also runs AMD dual core processor technology and VISION Pro Technology. On top of that, the maker also unveiled the ThinkPad X100e which promises professional performance, usability and design at an affordable price.

SINGAPORE – 4 January 2010: Lenovo today announced a new ThinkPad laptop series, simply called “ThinkPad Edge,” with 13, 14 and 15-inch models designed specifically for the small to medium sized business (SMB).

The 13-inch model represents the first ThinkPad laptop to offer AMD dual core processor technology and to be offered on AMD’s VISION Pro Technology. In addition to performance, the new laptops are designed with style and affordability in mind for today’s budget-conscious customers. For example, they include new rich and vibrant color choices and a new contemporary keyboard.

Sophisticated and Simple Design
The laptops include spill-resistant keyboards and value-added ThinkVantage Technologies like the Active Protection System and Rescue and Recovery. However, the new laptops blend expressive design and ease of use in several new ways:

– Contemporary Keyboard – A new contemporary keyboard gives the laptop a clean and inviting look. Uniform black keys and removal of the embedded number pad also help create a modern design. The Function keys have even been re-designed so that users only need to use one finger to access multimedia functions and more. Additionally, select models of the ThinkPad Edge 14 and 15 inch versions will come with illuminated keyboards for visibility in low light conditions while adding a touch of elegance to the keyboard.

– Expanded Touchpad – A large multitouch touchpad provides an oversized landing pad for fingers to pinch, zoom and scroll.

– Expressive, Colorful Palette – Midnight glossy or midnight soft black remain the traditional color for business, but for those who want to make a statement, ThinkPad Edge laptops come in heatwave red too. Additionally, a sleek silver band frames the exterior of the laptop.

SMB Performance Gets New Edge
SMBs “are a 24 x 7 business,” and their PC technology reflects their personal brand. Lenovo designed the ThinkPad Edge Series specifically to give these customers stylish and eye-catching designs with high performance, reliability and the latest technologies including:

– Great performance with choices of AMD Turion and Athlon Neo dual core processors or Intel Core 2 Duo ultra low voltage and standard dual core processors
–  Optimized with the Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 certification
– Long battery life of over eight hours
– Wireless connectivity technologies including WiFi and optional Bluetooth, 3G and WiMAX3
– Crisp and clear voice over Internet protocol with Skype™ software, high definition speakers, high resolution, low light sensitivity cameras and microphone and camera mute keys
– Commitment to green technology. The laptops carry a Gold rating from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool and meet Energy Star 5.0. The Edge laptops contain no foam and use many materials which are derived from 100 percent recycled content, such as thermoplastic, sugarcane or sorghum

Total Service and Support
Lenovo also offers a full suite of flexible service and support solutions for the new ThinkPad Edge Series. Lenovo-branded services give customers and business partners a single source solution that helps minimize risks and increases protection and productivity. These services include:

– ThinkPad Protection to protect from unexpected repair costs in case of accidents or spills.
– Priority Support for 24/7 tech-to-tech support.
– Hard Disk Drive Retention that lets customer keep their failed or damaged hard drive to ensure data remains safely in their hands.

Pricing and Availability
The ThinkPad Edge 13 inch version will be available in early January with models starting at S$1,189 through Lenovo Business Partners. The 14- and 15-inch versions will be available from 2Q 2010.

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