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Leica announces new M9-P rangefinder for professionals

As far as the photographer community is concerned, Leica has always been synonymous with retro-looking cameras which boast exceptionally high-quality components and optics that are capable of capturing images that are simply breathtaking. And the good news is that this trend is set to continue with the release of Leica's new rangefinder, the M9-P, which the company claims has been specially designed to meet the needs of professional photographers 

Read on to find out more the various new features in the M9-P…

If you are a fan of Leica-branded cameras, this piece of news from the German imaging company will definitely be of great interest to you. This is because Leica Camera has announced that it will be releasing a new version of its well-known Leica M9 full-frame rangefinder camera, the Leica M9-P, which it claims has been specially designed to meet the needs of professional photographers.

According to the official press release issued by Leica, the Leica M9-P is meant to serve as a more "discreet and resilient" version of the original Leica M9 rangefinger. As such, it shares many of the features that are already present in the latter, such as its compact size, robust build quality, silent shutter, a highly sophisticated image processing algorithm, as well as the use of a full-frame image sensor that is capable of capturing images at a maximum resolution of 18 megapixels,  However, the M9-P also comes with some features that were not present in the original M9 rangefinder, chief of which is the inclusion of a "scratch-resistant, sapphire crystal covering on the LCD screen" which the company claims is so tough that it can only be produced by highly specialized diamond-cutting tools and is virtually unbreakable under most circumstances. 

Also, if you have been observant enough, you might have realized that the distinctive "red dot" that adorns all Leica-branded cameras is conveniently missing on the M9-P.   However, this is not an oversight on Leica's part; rather, the company claims that the absence of its signature icon on the M9-P was a deliberate decision that had to be made to ensure that the camera would appear "as inconspicuous and discreet as possible". As a result, the only form of branding that is present on the M9-P is a stylized logotype that is engraved on the camera's top-plate, as shown below.

Of course, we should also point out that Leica's cameras are known for their sizable price tags, and the new M9-P is no exception. That being said, if you intend to pamper yourself with a new M9-P for all your photography needs, you'd better start saving right now, for Leica has confirmed that the camera will be selling at the MSRP of US$7,995, or approximately S$9,840.

Source: Digital Photography Review

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