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Legitimate Samsung Galaxy S IV images leaked right before official debut?

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone isn't due for the show floor until the end of this week, but before its official debut some interesting images of the device have popped up—an official teaser, and some other not so official pictures.

As noted earlier by a slew of ongoing rumors, the Galaxy S IV will boast a larger, almost tablet-esque, 4.99-inch 1080p display compared to its predecessor, the S III.  As for the processor, it’s more than likely that the S IV will sport a quad-core, but the overly hyped Exynos 5 Octa (an “8-core” CPU) might also be a possibility.  Another exciting rumor is that the S IV is purported to feature “Eye-Tracking” technology, which enables the device to detect the user’s eye movement and, therefore, helping the device to automatically respond to user’s in-app needs.

Supposedly, the S IV will be available for public consumption starting in mid to late April for Asia and Europe, while North America will probably follow in May or June.  It is also worth noting that the NA Galaxy S IV might feature a Qualcomm solution instead of Samsung’s in-house chip.  The variation in hardware might be very similar to that of Samsung’s previous Galaxy S iteration.

Regardless of what rumors people are spreading, Samsung will confirm or refute any speculations soon enough.  So before its official debut, here are some pictures for your eyes to feast on:


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