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Leaked schedule confirms existance of Galaxy Tab 2

You'd think that Samsung would choose to let their Galaxy Tab slate PC sit out a little longer in the market before jumping onto development, but it appears that the threat of an iPad 2 looming dead ahead is enough to spur any slate PC OEM into action. And it seems that Samsung is not about to be caught without a Tab successor when the iPad 2 launches: a leaked slide has revealed that a Galaxy Tab 2 is no longer a question of 'if', but 'when'.

Once again, this is a classic example of a news article whose headline has already all but given away the entire story, so we'd cut right to the chase and skip the typical introduction we always do.

Simply put, it appears that a short segment of Samsung's schedule for the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2011 (MWC2011) managed to find itself being leaked out on the Internet even before the event is to be held. And while the exact timeframe and duration of Samsung's segments are probably not the most interesting of news, it is the subject of the Korean giant's agenda on that day which caught our eye.

Yep, you read it right: Samsung intends to present their yet-to-be-released Galaxy S 2 smartphone and Galaxy Tab 2 slate PC at the upcoming MWC 2011, although the actual launch date for these products are still tightly guarded secrets.. In addition, little to no additional information about the devices' hardware and pricing have been revealed, which means that everything is up for speculation until Samsung decides to step in with official details and quell these rumours.

Of course, it does not change the fact that Samsung's move with the Tab 2 is mostly aimed at taking some of the thunder out of Apple's upcoming iPad 2 launch. But whether it has what it takes to go up against the iPad 2…well, that is something that will have to wait until both devices have officially made their entry to the tablet market.

Source: TNW Mobile

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