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Leaked pre-order poster for Battlefield 4 reveals Fall 2013 release window

A recently leaked pre-order promo poster for Battlefield 4 reveals the game is scheduled for a Fall 2013 release date, and also makes mention of real-life dog tags offered as pre-order incentives for the upcoming shooter.

A brand new promotional poster for Battlefield 4 has recently been leaked onto the internet, revealing a release window of Fall 2013 as well as pre-order incentives for the highly anticipated military shooter.

The poster showcases the game's distinct visual style and features what appears to be the game's main protagonist, and also touches upon the real-life dog togs that are offered as a pre-order incentive from select retailers.

Photo Credit: Gamersky

Although the news has come a bit early, Battlefield 4 is believed to be showcased at an invitation-only event during GDC 2013 (Game Developer's Conference).

Furthermore, the recent teaser trailer for the game points to the date of March 27, 2013, presumably an official reveal for DICE's fourth chapter in the popular FPS series.

The most important info on the promo poster is the mention of the game's Fall 2013 release window, solidifying a timeframe for Battlefield 4's launch. Additionally, the poster shows that the game is still marked as RP (Rating Pending). 

In any case, we'll probably see an official reveal trailer sometime tomorrow and perhaps a few snippets of in-game footage as well as the same "Fall 2013" release window. It will be interesting to see what new mechanics and features that are incorporated into Battlefield 4–especially with the teaser trailer's apparent inclusion of underwater submarine combat.

We'll have an update on tomorrow's Battlefield 4 news, so stay tuned for more coverage.

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