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Leaked: Motorola’s New Android Tablet has Model Number MZ600

With tablets running off Google’s Android operating system popping up all over the market like popcorn, it should probably be of little surprise that handset makers are keen on getting into the tablet game as well. And Motorola is seemingly the next big player to have an interest in the tablet market, if the leaked screenshot of a MZ600 tablet popping up on Verizon’s inventory list is to be believed.

When it comes to Android-powered tablets, almost every hardware manufacturer seems to want in on the lucrative market and take a cut of the pie for themselves. After all, Huawei has an Android tablet, ViewSonic has one, Archos has at least five, and even Samsung has its own Android tablet.

And while Motorola has neither confirmed nor denied rumours about its plans for a tablet, a screenshot obtained by Phandroid seems to have put the rumours to rest. And it is clear from the image that Motorola definitely wants in on the Android tablet party, with its ‘Moto MZ600 tablet’ showing up as an entry three times in Verizon’s inventory lists.


While the presence of the tablet’s entry in Verizon’s inventory list proves its existence, it does not reveal any additional information such as hardware specs or release dates. Phandroid claims that the MZ600 may come with Nvidia’s Tegra 2 mobile web processor and sport the upcoming Gingerbread release of Android, but those specs are still nothing more than speculation at this point of time, due to Motorola’s insistence on remaining silent about its tablet plans.

Still, it does not change the fact that Motorola’s elusive Android tablet has finally been proven to be the real deal, and not just some random vapourware. And from the looks of it, it seems that consumers may be able to expect a year-end or early 2011 release of the device, if everything goes well for Motorola.

Source: Phandroid

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