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Leaked: Mini iPad Spotted In Taiwan?

It has been rumored that Apple already has a mini iPad in its secret stash somewhere in Cupertino, and that such a device will only be launched sometime next year. However, it seems that Taiwan gets to enjoy first dibs on that secretive, scaled-down Apple tablet; popular Taiwanese singer and race car driver Jimmy Lin has apparently got his hands on that elusive mini iPad as a Christmas gift, and has even posted a picture of himself with said device on his blog.

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Steve Jobs must have had his ego badly bruised after competitors like Google labeled his iPad as nothing more than an oversized iPod Touch or iPhone. After all, it is hard to think of any other reason why rumors have been floating around the Internet about the Cupertino company working on a miniaturized version of its iPad to silence its rivals.

However, those rumors were nothing but just that: rumors. While people have been claiming for months that Apple has smaller versions of its iPads hidden somewhere, no pictures of the aforementioned device has ever been leaked onto the Internet. That is, until Apple’s veil of secrecy has apparently been broken a day ago by a Taiwanese popstar and race car driver known as Jimmy Lin. According to a post in Jimmy Lin’s website, the popstar-turned-racecar-driver has seemingly got his hands on a new toy which he claims is a mini iPad, and has even posted a picture of himself holding both the alleged mini iPad with its full-sized counterpart in an apparent comparison of size, as shown below.

Of course, the fact that this “mini iPad” was spotted in Taiwan has resulted in many skeptics claiming that the device Lin had in his hand was nothing more than a very elaborate, well-designed Chinese clone with a custom UI layered over the bundled operating system. This is probably true, considering China’s reputation for producing near-identical knockoffs of some of the most expensive consumer electronic devices in the market today.

That being said, we also cannot discount the possibility that the mini “pad” Lin posted in his website might just be the real deal. This is especially so when one takes into account that Steve Jobs have been known to dismiss strategic moves and plans by competitors while working on those very same goals in secret. Back in the past, Jobs publicly rubbished Intel’s processors and onboard graphics in his keynote address, only to backtrack on his words and adopt the very same hardware for use in Apple’s line of Mac computers later on.

And now that Jobs have already announced to the world that any slate PC with display sizes smaller than nine inches are “dead on arrival” in the market, we really won’t be surprised if El Jobsco himself suddenly decides to pop one such mini iPad out in time for his next Keynote address. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Source: Jimmy Lin’s blog

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