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Leaked image of Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless camera sensor shows up online

When it comes to mirrorless cameras which boast the ability to allow for interchangeable lenses, the sensor of choice for manufacturers is usually one which conforms to either than of an APS-C or a smaller Four Thirds form factor, right? Well, not for Nikon it it not; apparently a leaked image of what appears to be the sensor of an upcoming Nikon-branded mirrorless interchangeable lens camera has surfaced onto the Internet,

With mirrorless cameras boasting large sensors and the ability to support interchangeable lenses now being one of the most popular segments in the digital camera market today, it should be of little surprise that major players such as Nikon are slowly but surely starting to make their entry into this particular segment in order to claim a share of the market for itself.

And while there is still no word (save for some rumours) on the kind of specifications Nikon's first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is expected to have, it seems that a leaked image of what is supposedly a prototype of such a camera has surfaced online to shed some light on what users can expect from the sensor in the company's upcoming mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, as shown in the image below.

Details are scarce, but if the leaked image of the camera's sensor is of any indication, it would seem that Nikon might decide to ditch the traditional APS-C and Four Thirds sensor used in such mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras in favor of a proprietary form factor which is reportedly said to feature a crop factor of 2.6X. This will mean that Nikon's sensor will be somewhat smaller than the Four Thirds sensor used by Panasonic and Olympus, which might not appeal to certain consumers.

However, if it is of any consolation, Nikon's proprietary sensor is still orders of magnitude larger than the 1.2/3-inch sensor that Pentax is using for its new Q-series of mirrorless cameras, so we do not think that image quality is expected to take too significant a hit.

Lastly, it has been claimed that this mirrorless prototype from Nikon reportedly goes by the name of "X810".

Source: Electronista

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