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Leaked Gmail UI redesign video hints at Android 4.3 update


A new promo video featuring an updated Gmail UI might might possibly be hinting towards the impending Android 4.3 update. The video does something which we’ve already seen in the past, where a new Android version was often hinted by setting the clock time to the same as the Android version on the device. For example, the time set for Android 4.2 would be 4:20 while that for Android 4.3 would be 4:30. Check out these two images that we’ve put together side by side, should post a clearer picture.

gmail-tab-user-interface-web-2-horzNote the time on the clock in both screenshots

Each Google device all the way from the Nexus S to the Nexus 10 hinted at the Android version they came with in their press images. The Nexus S clock for example (with Android 2.3 Gingerbread) showed a time of 2:30, while the Nexus 10 clock showed a 4:20 time (as it came with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean).  Have a closer look at the new Gmail promo video, which also shows us the Nexus 4 with a clock time set to 4:30.

We certainly don’t think all this is a big coincidence and whole heartedly believe that Google will indeed release the Android 4.3 update, as soon as June 10th. Until then, all we can do is wait (and of course, hope for more leaks along the way).

Source: Android Authority

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