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Leadtek Winfast PX 7800 GT Preview

Being one of the first Geforce 7800 GT to arrive into our labs, VR-Zone takes a first look at the Leadtek Winfast PX 7800 GT. Read here for more indepth insights on this 2nd highest end, but wallet friendly card.

Following the release of the Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX GPU sometime last month,
NVIDIA had just started rolling out the technologically stunning, GeForce 7
series of GPUs. While the 7800 GTX based graphics card are the fastest anyone
can buy with money now, it remains as one of the most expensive one available in
the market. This comes naturally, since it gives top of the line performance.
Retailing at an average of late SGD$ 900 to early SGD$ 1200, these cards might not
be attractive even to the rich. While NVIDIA needs to cater to as many market
sectors as possible, they saw a need to have a card that will provide next
generation performance, yet costs lower then that. A new GPU is now introduced,
the NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT.

NVIDIA made the GeForce 7800 GT with 20 pixel pipeline, 7 vertex pipeline,
instead of the 24 pipeline, 8 vertex pipeline on the GTX. Also, with lowered
clock speeds of 400MHz for Core and 1000MHz for memory for this card, it
justifies for a much lower price tag of late SGD$ 700 to early SGD$ 800s. However,
with aspects of the card, like transistor count, manufacturing process, and key
architectures remains the same.

This time round, the situation seems to be very different on the
manufacturers side. The last time round on the GeForce 7800 GTX launch, NVIDIA
had rolled out lots and lots of cards, and every brand in the market has the
exact same reference card. This obviously would affect bigger companies with a
better branding. For the 7800 GT, NVIDIA had released engineering specs and
instructions, together with the availability of the chipset itself, many brands
had came out with their customized design, complete with customized cooling

Leadtek Research Inc is one of such companies which had their own 7800 GT
made, and today, VR-Zone takes a quick look at their Winfast PX7800 GT:

The bright yellow packaging of this Leadtek Winfast PX 7800
GT. This is the exact same color / theme used on Leadtek’s 7800 GTX too. A 18
months warranty sticker from the local distributor, Ban Leong Technologies is
stuck on the package.

Some quick specifications:

Graphics Processing Unit
GeForce 7800 GT

PCI Express x16

256MB, GDDR3 2.0ns,
Infineon HYB18T256324F-20

Pixel Pipelines
20 Pixel Pipelines

Vertex Pipelines
7 Vertex

Memory Interface
256 Bit

Core Clock
400 MHz

Memory Clock
1000 MHz

Integrated RAMDAC @ 400MHz

Max Resolution
2048 x 1536 @ 85Hz

Rear I/O Ports
2x DVI, 1x S-Video VIVO

Power Connector
1x PCIe 6 Pin Connector

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