Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra has no doubt left a deep impact amongst the consumers. People who previously thought that 5.5-inch phones were huge are now considering to purchase this 6.44-inch monster. Here’s Sony’s new ad that shows off productivity using the new Xperia Z Ultra.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra productivity AD (2)

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is literally the ‘Ultra’ version of the flagship phone, the Xperia Z. Take the Xperia Z and make it 125% everything, whether it be a battery or screen size or quality or even processor, and you have the Xperia Z ultra. While the 6.44-inch front panel dominates and commands attention, it also makes many wary about the size of the device and the practicality of using it as a phone. Here’s Sony’s new ad that hopes to clear those doubts away.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra productivity AD (3)

The short (1:19) video shows off the use of a pen as a stylus to write notes, which are efficiently captured by the handwriting recognition tool and assisted by the built-in auto-correction feature. A special keyboard enables users to type in the 6.44-inch large display using just one hand (I know, hard to imagine. It’s pure brilliant software). Your notes can be shared easily via email, multi-tasking is a joy thanks to the Snapdragon 800 SoC, and attending calls are cake using the Sony SBH52 Bluetooth headset, bundled with the Z Ultra.

Also, you get a glimpse of the new and improved STAMINA mode, a feature I feel is necessary to keep such a huge and powerful beast chugging all day long on a measly 3000 mAh battery.