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Last chance to get the Nexus One

If you want to get Google’s very own flagship Nexus One smartphone for youself, you might want to move fast: in addition to discontinuing its online sales page, the company also plans to completely cease offering the handset as soon as its last shipment is…uhh, shipped out.

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Google may have announced plans to stop offering the Nexus One for sale on their online shop at least a month back, but that does not mean that you should give up on getting one for yourself. If anything, you might actually want to ensure that you get your hands on one as soon as possible, because Google has announced that the Nexus One will cease to offered for sale once the latest shipment of phones have been sent out.

According to a posting by Infoworld, the search giant had just received the last shipment of phones which will be used for their online sales, and then once its inventory has been exhausted, the phone will disappear from Google’s sales page and the market.

However, the Nexus One will not fade entirely into oblivion: while it will no longer be offered to consumers, it may still be able to get hold of one, although the process involved in doing so feels somewhat needlessly complex. Google reportedly claims that In order to obtain the phone, a developer will have to first sign up for an appropriate account with Google, and then going through a partner company.

End-users, on the other hand, will have to settle for any available units carriers may have: while this may work in places such as Europe or the United States, the fact that none of the local telcos in here have ever put up any offers for the Nexus One means that the only way to get one here will be through independent phone dealers or through Google’s sales page.

And with Google already down to their last shipment, you will probably have to move fast before the Nexus One becomes extinct in here.

Source: Infoworld

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