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Korean media pegs LG G Pro 2 release for February, G3 for May

Samsung may not shake up its manufacturing cycle after all and roll out the Galaxy S5 exactly one year behind the S4, but one of the company’s traditional mobile adversaries, LG, is now believed to ponder a strategy shift of sorts.


Namely, according to sources close to usually reliable Korean news outlets, the G2 makers plan to sandwich the S5 release between G Pro 2 (G2 Pro?) and G3 launches. The former is to land next month, if these tipsters are correct, and the latter on May 17.

Hmm, that last part is a little specific, don’t you think? For crying out loud, it’s four months and one or two high-profile device announcements away, yet it’s already set in stone? Not to be a negative Nancy, but I call BS.

And while we’re at it, does it really make sense for LG to unveil two different flagships in the space of just three months? I mean, what’s the point? Flood the market, ensure future software support for high-enders will be even lousier than nowadays? Nuh-uh, it has to be bogus.


Or maybe there’s another angle. Remember LG’s Odin octa-core CPU? The one with all the hoopla surrounding it, but incapable of surpassing Qualcomm’s now old Snapdragon 800 in raw speed, exactly.

If those benchmarks were the real deal, the biggest mistake LG could make is insist with the underwhelming SoC. So I’m thinking the G Pro 2 gets Odin and then the G3 Snapdragon 805, which coincidentally is said to debut sometime in May.

Makes a little more sense, though I still don’t understand who’d be so foolish as to buy the G Pro 2. Probably size junkies, as the big guy is expected out with a 5.9-inch display, whereas the G3 will measure a “measly” 5.5 inches. Quad HD resolution (or 2K, or whatever) for everybody, and for once, LG might actually challenge Samsung.

Sources: Phone Arena, Asiae.co.kr

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