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Kingston Hyper-X PC9200 DDR2 1200MHz

For 415MHz, I had to up another 0.05v:

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From 415MHz onwards, I loosened the Tras Timing to 8 and voltage raised to
2.45v for another 16MHz increment to 431MHz:

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Of course, I won’t stop at 431MHz just to be able to run fast timings.
I ventured more to seek the overclocking potential of this Memory running moderate
timings of CL4-4-4-8. With just 2.1v, I managed to overclock this pair of Memory
to 480MHz at CL4-4-4-8.

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From there, I up another 0.05v to 2.15v and this brought me further to 490MHz
at CL4-4-4-8.

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See how sensitive this pair of Memory is to voltage at this Moderate Timing?
Just 0.05v brought about a 10MHz mileage.

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