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Kingston Hyper X KHX7200D2K2 DDR2 Review

Note: We did not actually overclock the XFX 7800GTX just that it is
named "Overclocked" which refers to the Extreme Edition.

– The ASUS P5WD2 board was modified to allow more voltage than the
maximum 2.3v. All voltages stated in tests are measured directly from the Mosfet
leg by the multimeter for better accuracy.

– During the testing, we did not have any fan blowing on the rams as
they do not get hot much even at 2.6v.

Stability Testing

We decided to test out the real world stability of the memory clock
speeds by running memory intensive and sensitive applications.

The 3D Mark 2001SE Lobby Tests and Unreal Tournament 2004 Bot-Match
Timedemos were looped for 45 minutes each.

From experience, these 2 applications are very sensitive to memory
instability and thus unstable memory clocks can be quickly picked out.

Thorough Testing

As we have learnt from experience, overclocks often differ when different dividers
are used. Sometimes, there are dividers that work better for overclocking. This
may differ from memory to memory, and with the many dividers available on the
Intel 955 chipset board, it is very useful to see which works best with which

Therefore, we did the tests on dividers 1:1, 4:5, 3:4, 3:5 and 1:2. This is
a lot more time-consuming but we find it worth the time and effort.

The bar charts in the tests show the actual memory clock speed, derived by
using the particular divider on our CPU FSB.

The memory clock speeds were all derived from CPU-Z and rounded off.

Each bar chart also shows how well the memory overclocks as the memory voltage
scales up.

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