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Kim Dotcom creating ‘exceptional’ encrypted email service

Online mogul and privacy advocate Kim Dotcom to fill the market vacuum Lavabit left with new encrypted email service.


Kim Dotcom, the man behind Mega, and formerly of Megaupload, is planning to launch a new encrypted email service in the wake of Lavabit’s shutdown.

In an interview with RT, Dotcom says his company is in the process of launching a “highly-secure email service to run on a non-US-based server.”

Mega’s Chief Executive Vikram Kumar elaborated further, writing in a blog post why the company is pushing towards a business venture in the wake of Lavabit’s closure that is sure to be controversial.

“These are acts of ‘Privacy Seppuku’ – honorably and publicly shutting down (“suicide”) rather than being forced to comply with laws and courts intent on violating people’s privacy,” he wrote.

Mega’s service will provide an “exceptional level of encryption” according to Kumar. He explained in the same post why Mega’s service will go above and beyond Lavabit’s.

“On this and other fronts, Mega is doing some hugely cutting-edge stuff. There is probably no one in the world who takes the Mega approach of making true crypto work for the masses, our core proposition.”

Mega says it will never hold the decryption keys for the emails, making the content impossible to read — unless the NSA has developed a crack or a backdoor attack to their encryption scheme.

Source: RT

VIA: Gizmodo

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