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Killzone: Shadow Fall developer diary released


Killzone: Shadow Fall will be one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 4, and we got our first glimpse of it during the PS4 reveal. Now, Sony has released a developer diary, giving us a closer look at the making of this next-gen FPS.

Sony has been running a video series called “conversations with creators”, which goes behind the scenes of game development to show the ins and outs of creating games for their consoles. In the most recent entry in the series, Sony paid a visit to Guerilla Games, who make the Killzone series. In the video, the studio discusses their upcoming game, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and their experiences with working on the new PlayStation 4:

Our team at Guerrilla Games has the unique opportunity to develop Killzone: Shadow Fall, a new installment in the award-winning shooter series, as a launch title for PS4.In the latest installment of Conversations with Creators, we discuss exactly what that entails, and-more importantly-the ways in which the PS4’s potency and tremendous ease of development have dramatically expanded the kinds of creative possibilities and interactive experiences we can bring to our fans.

Killzone: Shadow Fall has already given us one of the first glimpses into the next generation of console gaming. The first person shooter debuted during the February reveal of the PlayStation 4, and takes place in a future where mankind has colonized space and has become divided between the opposing forces of the Helghan and Vektar factions. The two sides live side by side in a great city divided by a wall, much like Cold War era Berlin. According to Guerrilla managing director Hermen Hulst: “This is a story about the loss of home, the search of new home, and the lengths to which people go to defend it.”

Check out the video here!


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