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KEF Launches New T-series And Q-series Speakers For Audiophiles

Home theatre enthusiasts may have their eye-candy prepared for them with the new Epson projectors we have talked about not too long ago, but great visuals alone do not make for a complete home theatre setup. Fortunately, it seems that KEF has the perfect solution needed to make audio come to life: the renowned U.K loudspeaker brand has just launched its new T and Q series of speakers at the International Sight And Sound Exhibition held today, which promise nothing but the most realistic audio experience ever. Only serious audiophiles need apply, by the way.


At first glance, it might appear that higher incomes and greater availability of good-quality audio hardware has made it easier for the average Joe to pose as an audiophile, even if he or she has no prior knowledge of what makes a proper audio setup. After all, with so many speaker manufacturers claiming to have products which deliver ‘audiophile-grade’ sound quality, it should come as no surprise that much of the mystique and uniqueness that once surrounded the title of ‘audiophile’ has largely been diminished to a more mundane definition of splurging on top-dollar mass market equipment.

However, despite the ‘dumbing down’ of what was once considered an elite group of home theatre enthusiasts, there still remain many ‘true audiophiles’ who have the ability to fully appreciate what constitutes exceptional audio quality, and will spare no expense in doing so. Needless to say, these are the people who will be extremely familiar with the elite loudspeaker brand KEF, and the exceptional audio quality that its products have come to signify in the audiophile market.

As KEF is participating in the annual International Sound And Sight Exhibition held at Parkroyal Hotel (Kitchener Road) from 26-29 November, the company took the chance to formally announce the launch of its new home theatre speakers. Known as the T-series and Q-series, the speakers boast exceptional audio fidelity and ground-breaking designs that will delight the serious audiophile.
Speaking at the product launch was Grace Lo, General Manager of GP Acoustics (HK) Limited, who spoke about the technological developments which made it possible for the speakers to deliver top-quality audio in eye-catching designs.

“The Q-series of speakers have been around for quite some time already: we have made upgrades to the series, but stopped short of a complete overhaul. This time, we wanted to have a brand new start for the Q-series: we wanted to make sure that we are the best of the competition in the large speaker class,” she said.

Lo also highlighted the three key features of the overhauled Q-series speakers, as shown in the presentation slide below.

“Over the years, we have received feedback from customers and the media that we should further enhance the performance of our bass. In this generation, we put a lot of emphasis into improving the bass, so that is one of the key features of the new Q-series speakers”, she said.

Lo also spoke about the new Uni-Q drivers used in the Q-series speakers, which had the capability to eliminate the longstanding problem of finding the audio ‘sweet spot’ in a room.

“The ‘sweet spot’ is a limiting factor, as it is usually meant to suit only a single person’s preference. With the Uni-Q drivers, we are able to greatly enlarge the ‘sweet spot’ by placing the tweeter right at the centre of the acoustic driver. The result is an incredibly realistic audio output that can be enjoyed in every corner of a room,” she explained.

Lo then proceeded to talk about the new T-series of super-slim speakers which were specially designed to complement the flat-panel television sets found today.

“The T-series follow a completely different design philosophy as opposed to the Q-series. With the T-series, the goal was to achieve the thinnest possible speaker design, but with superior sound. At this time, we believe that KEF has the thinnest high-performance speaker in the market” she said.

This was accomplished by drastically reducing the size of the mid-range and low frequency driver, which have a height no greater than 27mm, or slightly below 3cm. In order to ensure minimal distortion and resonance, rigid materials were used to manufacture the driver diaphragm, and a large 25mm tweeter completes the speaker assembly.

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