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Keep fit with SONIX whole body exercise device


Exercising helps to keep one fit and healthy, but most of us are busy with work and family, it is sometimes hard to find time to work out. Korean medical device manufacturer, Sonicworld, has unveiled their whole body exercise device called SONIX which uses sound wave vibrations to help you exercise, even if you are just standing.

Sonicworld has introduced their whole body exercise device called SONIX which was released last February. It utilizes the principle of sound speaker and electromagnetic technology to generate high precision sound wave vibration of 3~50Hz to the human body. SONIX allows exercises on whole body or on focused parts while standing, which is ideal for people who are too busy to exercise. It also allows for anaerobic and aerobic exercise at the same time in a limited confined space.

According to Sonicworld, the non-arbitrary sound wave vibration exercise, when carried out with existing weight training, increases the maximum muscular strength by 30% or more, which in turn helps to reduce training period by 85% and preventing injuries that may occur during exercises. It also stimulates fine inner muscles that are difficult to exercise normally and the induced quick stretching effect and muscle fatigue recovery provides the optimal exercise effect. User can achieve strengthened muscular strength, increased bone density, augmented growth hormones, improved blood circulation and lymph circulation, enhanced posture and sense of balance. For the busy working professionals, just standing 10 minute on the SONIX is equivalent to an hour of cardio workout. Unfortunately, no word as to the pricing and availability of this whole body exercise device at press time.

Source: Korea Newswire

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