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Keep fit with Kingston: Badminton Tournament

We’ve been through the street soccer tournament a while back, and now, the geeks took sometime off the terminal and joined the zone for some badminton goodness!

We’ve seen the soccer guys in action, and today, we will be taking more geeks for a spin at the badminton court. We had some fun loving at Jalan Besar Community Club last Saturday and the guys sure had a lot of fun, and of course, all these brought to you by the memory maker who cares, Kingston! As we all know, Kingston has been very active in promoting their cause for community development and charity worldwide, and specifically for Singapore, we’ve seen Kingston Family Days, Kingston Blood Donation Drives, and the Kawaii Kingston Charity Gaming event that VR-Zone organized a year back. Last Saturday, we say some action by the badminton guys who took time off their computers, and we’ve the event report right here!

The Kingston Banner!

The guys participating in the event, a total of 12 pro players turned up!

The competition format, featuring a winner’s and loser’s bracket. Sadly, we did not manage to finish the competition due to time constraints as the matches were really exciting, especially the match between Philip & Ben and Emanto and Bertrand. We will be continuing this tournament, either on the 2nd or 9th of December. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some action brought to you by our VR-Zone shuttlers.

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