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Kawasaki develops a transforming bike

Kawasaki’s futuristic-looking new motorcycle model has the distinctive feature of transforming, though not in the way that you’d usually think it would.


The image above screams sci-fi, but this motorcycle model is actually an idea for a multi-functional personal vehicle. There’s no official name for it yet, but it is conceptually named as the “3-Wheel Electric Vehicle ‘J'”. The peculiar choice to use three wheels is due to its mode changing feature, which lets the vehicle transform depending on how it would be used on the road.

The first mode is the Sports Mode, which is the default mode you see in the feature image. With this mode, it functions pretty much like any other motorcycle, save for the default lowered position of the rider seat.

The second form, which is the more interesting one, is the Comfort Mode, where the rider seat becomes elevated, and the two wheels in front would separate, putting all three wheels in a triangular position. We can presumably say that this mode would feel a lot like riding something like a 4-wheeled motorbike.

The motorcycle is designed for city use, which is just natural given that it would be electrically powered. It is designated to use a standard high-capacity Ni-Mh battery as its power source. No other specs are available, as it is still a concept vehicle.

There are no announcements about its commercial availability yet as of now, though we probably should give them more time, because a jet ski mode might still be up for development.

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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