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‘Kaveri Lives’: AMD finally launches much delayed APU at CES 2014

Newest members of AMD’s A-series lineup available on January 14.


AMD launched its newest APU, Kaveri, at the Consumer Electronics Show Monday, with the two versions of the chip available now for pre-order for a ship date of January 14.

Kaveri is based on AMD’s Steamroller core and is manufactured using the 28nm process. Arguably, it’s the most important product launch in AMD’s history as its the first chip to fully support HSA and is the first chip to fully integrate Radeon GCN cores on the processor die. It is the synthesis of what AMD set out to do with its acquisition of ATI and the Fusion project.

Kaveri will support up to 856 Gigaflops over 12 compute cores (it should be noted that compute cores means CPU and GCN cores), and will also support AMD’s new True Audio technology. It will be available in two versions: the A10-7700K and the A10-7850K. The flagship 7850K is clocked at 3.7GHz, has a turbo mode of 4GHz, and a 95W TDP. Both chips will have four GCN Radeon cores.

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According to benchmarks published by AMD Kaveri has a modest performance increase over the older A10-6800K, known as Richland. The biggest performance increase over Richland is in Basemark CL. Check out the benchmarks below:


While the benchmarks on display are synthetic, AMD did show one real world benchmark: it ran a demo of last year’s Tomb Raider running only on Kaveri without discrete graphics. Though the framerate wasn’t displayed, it looked to be running smoothly and the graphics looked about the equivalent to medium settings.

AMD is defining the next generation of chips with the APU: Intel has taken obvious cues from AMD by placing CPU and GPU cores in such close proximity with Haswell. Now, it’s up to AMD to see if the technical leadership in the space can be translated into hardware wins.

Check back after January 14 for VR-Zone’s review of Kaveri.

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