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Kaspersky announces Internet Security and Anti-Virus 2011 in Singapore

4 August, 2010 [Singapore] – Kaspersky Lab today announced the latest versions of its flagship consumer products.

Both Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 (KIS) and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 (KAV), provide the online protection for individuals and their families, with more accurate detection and even faster responses to any IT threats.

The products isolate untrusted Internet resources to give users the confidence that their digital environment is clean, safe and free from threats and unwanted intrusion. The system operates in the background and does not make constant demands on the user in order to do its job efficiently. 

Key features include:

– System Watcher – this powerful new technology provides effective protection from new and unknown threats.  It monitors all system events in full including the creation and modification
of files, system calls and changes to the system registry.  This constant monitoring will detect any type of malicious programs, both known and new.

– Safe Surf – provides protection when on the Internet by only allowing access to trusted resources.  Every IP address a user tries to access is checked against its reputation rating which indicates whether it contains malicious code, links to suspect sites etc.  Safe Surf notifies the user of the resource’s reputation and blocks access to malicious sites.

– Safe Run – Enables programs to be launched in a virtual secure environment that is isolated from system resources and where suspect programs and websites can be safely launched and opened.

– My Safe Browser – designed for launching websites that require the user to enter their personal details such as online banking sites.  Creates a secure channel for transactions that are protected from all external threats.

– Reputation Services – online databases with information about trusted or suspected programs and websites, which allows for faster response to new threats.  Employs a new system that analyses statistical data concerning programs and websites to assign a rating according to the level of threat.

– Removing Malware – If a malicious program is detected, the unwanted changes to the system made by the programs can be rolled back with just a few mouse clicks.

– Geo Filter – turn on this feature and you can block domains related to specific countries.

– Phishing Protection – Proactively detects suspicious sites and analyses each to see if tell-tale signs of phishing are present.  If such signs are detected the site is flagged and access is blocked, even if it is not on the database of known phishing sites.

– Scanning of FTP data – Scans data transferred via FTP.  For example if a user is viewing a page containing a link to an infected FTP site, access will be blocked.

– Install on Infected Computers – Overcomes the problem of trying to install an antivirus solution on a computer which is, for example, infected by some types of rootkits.
– Rootkit Detection – employing a low-level data reception method which is immune to rootkit attacks.

– Rescue Disk – a new feature that allows the product installation disk to be used as a rescue disk, which means it is no longer necessary to create a rescue disk in advance or to use a separate computer to create one.

– Enhanced Parental Control – gives users the ability to control the time a computer is used, programs are started, websites accessed, files downloaded and personal information transferred.  It also provides control over a child’s email, instant messaging and social networking activities.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 are fully compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft’s operating systems, from XP up to Windows 7 versions.

All the main modules are updatable, which means that should completely new types of threats emerge, the product’s features can be updated without having to reinstall the solution from scratch.

KIV and KAS also incorporate the new Windows Gadget feature.  This is an element of the interface located on the Windows Desktop in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that offers quick access to the products’ main features.  Windows Gadget displays the computer’s security status, allows a file to be scanned with a single mouse click and enables an application to be launched in Safe Run mode.


KAV 1-PC – S$31
KAV 3-PC – S$55
KIS 1-PC – S$45
KIS 3-PC – S$70

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