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Jury’s out: Samsung owes Apple $290 million for patent infringement

Samsung and Apple have had the most epic of courtroom battles, and the latter scores another victory as jury orders Samsung to pay $290 million in damages for infringing on Cupertino’s patents.


This particular case has been going on for quite some time, last year’s verdict saw Apple being awarded $1 billion in damages as a result of patent infringement by Samsung. However Judge Lucy Koh ruled that the jury had miscalculated the award to the tune of $400 million so a partial retrial ensued. The retrial has now ended and the jury has order Samsung to pay an additional $290 million to Apple. Roughly $600 million from last year’s verdict is still outstanding.

Apple had argued at the retrial that it should receive another $379 million, whereas Samsung said that it only owed $52 million for the damages that were being reconsidered. However, the six-woman and two-man jury came up with its own figure after deliberating for three days. Samsung can still appeal this verdict, but if it does not, the total damages it would have to pay Apple after the two cases amounts to $929.83 million.

Even if Samsung pays the outstanding damages, its not like the companies will stop battling in court. There’s already another case set for trial next year which concerns a newer generation of Samsung devices.

Source: AllThingsD

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