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Review: Jumper EZBook 3 Pro – budget computing

While we at VR Zone are always obsessed with the latest processors and 4K graphic cards, once in a while we like to pause our uber-geek attitude to take a look at some of the more affordable PC notebooks available on the market. The Jumper EZBook Pro 3 is one such device and is available from gearbeast.com for US$250 (flash sale at the time this article was published, less shipping and duties).

A well-built and decent looking budget PC notebook

Now we had the EZBook Pro 3 around the office for a month or so and apart from the niggle about its power-brick (it came with a Chinese standard power-plug so we have to use a travel adaptor with it) we are really very impressed by the quality and build standard you get for your money, as the EZBook Pro 3 actually looks more expensive than it actually is, with a wedge shaped design inspired (no doubt) from Apple’s MacBook Air. While not built to the precision standards of Apple, Jumper have done an excellent job on a product that’s more than half the price of the Air, and the EZBook comes with a full aluminium body highlighted with chrome champers, a solid screen hinge device and a full recessed keyboard.

On the right side is one of two USB 3.0 ports (mirrored on the left), the Mini HDMI port and the DC power jack (which looks like the headphone jack)

Specification-wise it’s actually quite decent – with a good 13.3-inch Full-HD screen, Intel Celeron N3450 quad-core processor with 1.1GHz (2.2 GHZ in Turbo), Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU and 6RB RAM, and there’s WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth fully integrated. For storage there’s a basic 64GB eMMC storage card (note Windows 10 takes up about 16GB)  and a microSD card slot that can handle up to 128GB. If you need more storage you can do a little D.I.Y. and fit in a M.2 SSD – though note that installing a good 512GB SSD will about double the EZBook Pro 3’s price. 2x USB 3.0 ports, a single Mini HDMI port, DC jack and 3.5mm headphone jack round out the connectivity options.

No complaints of the screen, which is good for Full-HD video playback.

Like many of you we’ve had some bad experiences with lower-end notebooks in terms of performance and interface, but with the EZBook Pro 3 there were very few cons and lots of pros. The screen is bright and sharp, and quite responsive, and with the GPU it could just about handle 4K video content, though there was plenty of lag when we tried to jump ahead. For web surfing and watching Full-HD Youtube videos there’s absolutely no issue, especially as the Celeron processor is still a current generation low-power model. Don’t expect a good audio performance, however, for the bottom firing stereo speakers lack volume and bass.


For typing the recessed keyboard is quite easy to use and accurate – with the keys well spaced out to reduce mis-typing. The trackpad, though large, is one of the main ‘cons’ that we discovered, as it was a bit non-responsive and clicked loudly. We traced this non-responsiveness to two factors: a pre-installed ‘trackpad blocker’ software to stop accidental clicks, and the fact that the ‘left click’ on the trackpad doesn’t work unless you depress the very bottom left edge of the trackpad!

Combined with a battery capable of providing up to 13 hours of performance(if you just web browse), the Jumper EZBook Pro 3 is actually a great budget laptop. At 1.4kg it’s not too heavy and has a very usable 13.3-inch screen and keyboard for your regular emailing and word processing, and while the Celeron processor and integrated GPU won’t be able to let you play the latest HD online games it’ll easy handle Facebook games like Candy Crush Saga.


Shawn Chung
The Editor

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