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Juice up your devices with Sanyo’s wristband battery pack

Sanyo Transport releases a portable battery pack that can conveniently charge your device while in use, as it is strapped around the user's wrist.

Portable battery packs come in different shapes and sizes. However, with the exception of phone case-type battery packs, all of them require you to leave the device for a while, or carry both battery and unit uncomfortably. Sanyo (nope, not that Sanyo) Transport solves this problem by molding the battery pack into something that can be easily worn.

The EEA-YW0845 is a new portable battery pack that is made to be worn around the wrist. This might seem just another fancy way of designing a portable battery pack, but the proximity of the battery to the hand technically allows it to stay connected to the unit even when use, therefore allowing  the user to both charge and use the unit at the same time.

When not in use, the EEA-YW0845 camouflages as an ordinary, rigidly-designed wristband. When the proper connector is plugged in it, it turns into a convenient extra power source for almost any kind of portable gadget that you may have. All in all it has 8 different connector adapters, some of which include an Apple dock connector, miniUSB, microUSB, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP charging connectors.

Charging the EEA-YW0845 unit itself is done via USB, with a four LED indicators telling the user its state of charge. It has a top charge capacity of 1500mAh, and a maximum current output of 750mA at 4.5~5.5V. It is available at Sanyo Transport's E-Supply online store for 3,780 yen (41 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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