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Judge hand-picked jurors for Apple vs. Samsung trial

The Apple vs. Samsung patent battle in the U.S is so important that potential jurors were questioned beforehand, and then hand selected by the presiding judge.

Jury duties are usually not very interesting, but in the case of Apple vs. Samsung, jury duty is so important that presiding Judge Lucy Koh hand-picked the jurors to prevent biasness. 

Judge Koh questioned potential jurors about various topics including what were their choices of phones, how the economic downturn affected them, experiences with the legal system, and connections to Apple, Samsung, or Google.

A Google employee was excused, and so was an Apple employee who said that he hoped his employer will win the case.  Additionally, another person was excused because he felt that the Apple vs. Samsung case was similar to the past Apple vs. Microsoft case. 

"In my mind this is practically the exact same thing, but now just dealing with slightly different technology," he said.

The case deals with patents (among other things), so a man with over 120 patents to his name was also eliminated. 

Apple already won two early victories by obtaining bans on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and a pretrial ban on the Galaxy Nexus in the U.S.  The trial is expected to last at least one month.

Source: Reuters

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